Wednesday, December 14, 2011

They didn't call me...

Well, you know, I am a big girl. Emotionally and physically.  I applied to a local "Biggest Loser" type of contest, because, well, I am huge. The "powers that be" must have agreed, because they called me for a final interview.  I was in the running for the prize, they narrowed it down to 5 people at each location and were going to pick 3 people per gym.  They wanted to meet each of us before choosing and said they would call and let me know either way.

What was the prize?  Well, a year's gym membership complete with weekly personal training.  This is indeed a prize for a big girl like me.  I wanted it, and I didn't get it, but the worst part is that I had to find out by reading the Explorer Newspaper and looking online.  I mean I get it.  I am less of a person because I am huge, under-confident and shy, so why follow up.  (I get that I am being a bit reactionary and silly.) 

I told myself, that whether I got this opportunity or not, I would join the gym, and I was going to join at Anytime Fitness, and I also told myself I would start this blog.  SO... The blog exists now.  However, in this disappointed place I find myself now, I have decided to check out my options regarding which gym I will join.  (They said they would call either way. Call me old fashioned, call me a sore loser, but it would have been nice to have gotten a phone call with the bad news.)

I named the blog, Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait, but it should be just you wait Anytime Fitness, just you wait. (Because I will show you!)

The truth is, I don't know if I can do it.  

I want to lose 90 pounds in the year 2012.  But I have a lot against me.  My history with weight being number one.  

So, I invite whomever would like to, to join me on this trek.  Should be fun.  I will be checking out gyms in the Oro Valley area and reviewing them during the conclusion of 2011 and joining one of them in 2012.

Wish me luck!